Elon Trump

ET is on its way to the MOON LAUNCH – don’t miss out on this out of this world project. Transform your life with Elon Trump! We’re still early, my friends. It’s more than just about making transactions; it’s about making history!
Join our community of ET believers as we navigate the unpredictable world of meme coins; one small step for man, one giant leap for meme-kind!
If you missed Doge, join the $ET community and let's send it to Mars!





Solid Founders

Our team is a diverse group of visionary trailblazers, crypto wizards, and 9-5 maestros. That's us! We're dedicated, a bit quirky, and totally committed to making ET Coin not just a cryptocurrency, but a cultural phenomenon.

Strong Team

Hold onto your space hats! Imagine collaborations that could take ET Coin from your digital wallet to the moon (literally)!  

Solid Community

ET Coin isn't just a token; it's a family. A really big, diverse, and outspoken family! Here, every voice matters, from the meme-loving teen to the seasoned trader.



We're exploring partnerships that will not only enhance the utility of ET Coin but also bring a sprinkle of stardust to your investment.



In times of uncertainty when freedom and truth is needed the most, Elon and the Donald have come together using X as their springboard…to make Crypto great again.

  • NO taxes NO rugs NO BS!
  • Our committed team endeavors to foster trust in the crypto space and enact positive change, aiming to eradicate scammers for the benefit of investors.
  • The investors’ funds are securely stored in a multi-signature wallet designated solely for the purposes of token allocation towards marketing, future listings on centralized exchanges, bridge development, liquidity pool provision, and project development.

Our Advisor

Joel Kovshoff, widely known as Coach K Crypto, is a leading figure in Web3, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Financial Markets, with a specialization in Tokenomics, his insights drive unparalleled value.

Undoubtedly, he stands as the most influential KOL in this field.

Expert in Tokenomics, Web3 and Blockchain, Advisor, EQIFI CSO, Trader, Investor, and Financial Market Educator.

Joel brings incomparable insights and knowledge to the world of digital assets.

Advisory: Hourglass, Easy X, Ethernity, Cornucopias, Paid Network, Commonwealth, DYOR, Chirp Wireless, QRPRO, SupraOracles, Gunzilla, Token Events, Devvio, Yield App, Credit Swap, BlockBank (Currently FI), EQIFI, Synesis One, Bonsai 3, BluBird, Flashy and many other Strategic Partnerships.

Joel Kovshoff

(Coach K Crypto)


Elon Trump Is Live Now!

🤩 Community Based
👾 Zero Taxes
  ❣   500 Days LP Locked
💨 1000X Potential
🔷 KYCed Team
💣 DexTools, DexView, DexScreener & Ave Trending
💵 CMC & CG Fast Track
🌤  Non-Stop Shilling
🌙Max Security for Holders
🔥 All Authorities Revoked
🎑 Freeze Authority is Revoked
♟ $100K+ Marketing Budget
✨ Top Dev & Marketing Team
🔥 KOL’s & Partnerships
😎 Transparency
✨Multi-Sig Wallets & Fort Knox Security
🔥 CEX Listing after Launch Soon


Q2, 2024

Launchpad Lunacy: Audit and launch on Solana.

Q2, 2024

Community Connection: We will team up with prominent crypto figures. Social Media Marketing Blitz & Partnerships with Influencers.

Q3, 2024

Giving Back: More giveaways to the dedicated community, provide airdrops.

Q4 and Beyond

We will keep pushing boundaries. 2025 Roadmap to be delivered.

Q1, 2024

Launchpad Lunacy: Audit and launch on Solana.

Q2, 2024

Community Connection: We will team up with prominent crypto figures. Social Media Marketing Blitz & Partnerships with Influencers.

Q3, 2024

Giving Back: We will donate to local charities and provide airdrops.

Q4 and beyond

We will keep pushing boundaries.


CA: 2ghhQ55BxewS2eGBDcYsMPLpgmMXXFGapPa1qxYDod2A Copied!


1. Create a wallet with Phantom

Visit and follow the simple steps to create a new account with the Phantom app or browser extension.

2. Get some $SOL

Tap the BUY button in the app to purchase Solana, or deposit $SOL to your Phantom wallet from the crypto exchange of your choice.

3. Swap $SOL for $ET

Tap the SWAP icon in your Phantom wallet and paste the $ET token address. Swap your $SOL for $ET.

4. You are now a $ET holder!

Welcome to the #ET MARTIANS!



Any actual names or likenesses of celebrities are used in a fictitious and parodic manner.

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